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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Have you seen summer?

Hello, I’m sorry, but can you explain to me where summer has gone?  It’s already back to school time?  It was just the last day of school five minutes ago!  There have been SO many changes in my world this summer that it flew by me without so much as a wink.  (Okay, I winked and blinked a lot.)  We did a lot of house hunting this summer and found a new home!  That is the upside; the downside is that we won’t be moving into our new home until the first week my kiddos are back in school.  Yikes!  A new home means new decorating, so I am extremely excited for that aspect of the change!

Over the last year or so I’ve had a lot of requests for lesson plans in my 2nd grade Social Studies bundle.  I think it was the #1 thing people seemed to want the most.  This summer I finally sat down to make that happen.  However, when it came time to add those in, I also made even more changes to the bundle.  I updated a few different items to make them a little better and nicer, I added in some reading comprehension pages, and of curse the lesson plans.  The bundle went from 250 or so pages to over 450!  I was shocked (and proud that I managed to get it done so quickly)!  There are reading comprehension pages that go with every lesson and I think the questions are pretty open ended.  I like to present my kids with questions that are also fostering discussion with their partners, tablemates, or even the entire class.  I am not a quiet classroom teacher; we have a lot of conversation taking place at all times in our room.  I want my kids to think about their opinions, share them, and explain they are important to them.  Those little things are so important from such a young age – listen, understand, and appreciate what others have to say.
While packing up my house, I came across a Magnolia Journal (who doesn’t love Fixer Upper?) that had some beautiful flowers in it.  Somehow that made me think of watercolor flowers and that somehow turned into a floral watercolor classroom d├ęcor set.  I love peachy pinks and dark blues.  It was something I started to do for fun that turned into something a little bigger that I decided to share. 
There are some adorable banners that are included in the set that I just love.  I hung them with some cute colored clothespins that I bought from Michael’s and a bit of twine from Dollar Tree.  The bonus to this set of flags is the fact that they range from A-Z, so you don’t have to worry about having the font I used or making sure something is center.  I LOVE editable products, believe I do, and I’ve purchased plenty of them.  However, sometimes if I don’t have the font and it’s not linked, it gets a little frustrating.  I wanted to skip over that part and make the whole thing easier!
I am hoping the next time I pop in is sooner than later!  I would love to hear how you guys feel about the new bundle – PLEASE redownload if you haven’t already!  Also, in the next week or two (probably two..) I will be posting pictures of my classroom reveal!  There are a lot of changes this year that I can’t wait to share!