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Sunday, May 7, 2017

T-Shirt Time!

I’ve taken a small step away from creating teacher resources for a moment because I’ve been caught up in all things creative with t-shirts.  Now, I have always loved a good logo on a t-shirt.  That’s just who I am at heart, but having the ability to make my own shirts anyway I want them has been really exciting.  It started with creating t-shirts for my team at work.  Then it turned into making shirts for friends or their kids and now it’s just something I do for fun.  Would I call it another business?  Eh, maybe, but not really.  I’m busier with TpT than I am making t-shirts, but it’s definitely a fun hobby.

I’ve had the chance to help out a few brides and dress a few kiddos in the last year or so.  I did bachelorette shirts for an entire bridal party and that was actually really fun!  It gave me the chance to put my own spin on how I wanted the shirts to look.  

A friend had an idea for how she wanted them to look and it was cute, but I decided to give the “diamond” on the ring a little something extra by using glitter to enhance the look.  I mean diamonds do still sparkle, right?  Just because it’s on a shirt doesn’t mean it should be boring!
Team Easter Shirts
Since it’s Teacher Appreciation time, I made goodie bags for my nieces teachers and even decorated little buckets for them.  I love having cute and adorable things with my name on them, so why wouldn’t another teacher, right? 

I want my nieces teachers to know just how thankful I am for all the hard work that they put in with these girls and all of their kiddo!  It wasn’t anything major, but it was fun!  They each have two teachers, so it was 4 buckets and bags to fill (obviously included flair pens because, hello, we teachers love them!).

Recently I’ve been working on goodies to celebrate Hanson’s 25th Anniversary.  Yes, you read that correctly, Hanson.  As in MMMBop.  They’ve been a band for 25 years now – but their debut album came out 20 years ago yesterday.  That makes me old or something like that.  It makes it something I don’t want to talk about, that’s what it makes it.  

In any case, I’m traveling with a group of friends to their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma in just under two weeks and I can’t wait!  We wanted some cute items to wear for the trip and after sharing it in a Hanson Facebook group, other people wanted it too, so I put items up to share!    The response has been wonderful and I’m shocked people are into things like that, but I don’t mind sharing the love! 

Now that the school year is coming to a close (can June 23rd get here faster?), I am planning some end of the year t-shirts for my team.  I feel like we have to join the “straight out of” trend with everyone else.  It’s the truth!!  We’ve got weeks to go and I am WELL out of supplies!  Time to stretch that dollar!  Supplies or not, I’m ready for summer, adventures, and planning for the coming year.  I’ve already started to purchase new pieces for my classroom.  Bad, bad, bad habit!  Does anyone else start collecting for the following year before the current year is done?  I’d love to hear what everyone else is getting ready for!