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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Addition & Subtraction Math Facts

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I am so excited to finally share this bundle with all of you!  So this year I decided that my kiddos are going to get their math facts down if it was the only thing I did – okay, not really, but you know what I mean!  I wanted whatever I used to incorporate other aspects we already use in the classroom and had activities I didn’t have to purchase anything new for.  I’m a teacher on a budget and I don’t have unlimited funds to spend (what teacher does?).  I had tried a few freebies here and there and even some printable tests, but they just didn’t hit the mark on what I was looking for.

In October, after the beginning of the year settled down, my students began working on mastering their math facts.  Everyone started at the same place and then they moved on from there.  Some people like timed tests, some people hate them, and I think it all comes down to a matter of opinion and how you deliver your practice.  My kids get excited about it and they cheer each other on.  No one is competitive or unkind to anyone else – if anything, this is the one area of my classroom where my kiddos are rooting for each other’s success.

We do our timed tests every other day – this is due to my ability to grade them at home and not during my day because my prep hour is at the very end of the day.  For example, on Monday we will take our time test.  These tests have 50 problems on them and they have to get at least 45 right to pass to the next level.  My students get 3 minutes (but sometimes they’ll get a little more if they’ve had an excellent day and compliments from teachers – but that’s a whole other post) to complete their test.  I grade them that afternoon/night and the next day they either put a sticker by their number on the chart or they get their test back to fix.  My students have to fix mistakes and finish their tests.  If they passed, they fill out and make a math fact flippy book for their next set of facts.  For example, if they passed their +3’s math test, they’ll make a flippy book for their +4’s to take home and study that night for a test the next day.  The books are available in addition and subtraction for facts to 12!

They love having the ability to make the flippy books and once those came into play, students started passing their tests much more frequently.  They also have different activities available for them to practice with.  A lot of them love rolling dice to find sums – actually, they just really like rolling dice period!  Some of my kiddos are into using spinners, so the subtraction activities are more their thing.  I don’t restrict how my kids use the activities either.  If they aren’t on +8 and they want to try rolling and adding 8, I am okay with that as long as they are practicing!

The newest edition would be the activity where they have to circle and find their facts.  These are only for addition facts, but since my kids are really into word searches (especially if they're character themed), I figured why not try it with math facts?  So far they have loved having them and they have helped each other out a ton while using them!  The best part is having all of these with easy access to use during center time or as an activity for early finishers.  When rolling the dice, they can use one or two dice to increase support and practice power!  The dice activities are used for both addition and subtraction.
Right now my kids range from +3 to -4 in my classroom math facts.  When one of my strugglers gets to the next fact test, the rest of the class cheers them on.  We really are a team and when we succeed, we do it together, and we praise each other for how hard we’ve worked.  This bundle has helped my kids so much!  I'm really, really proud of how hard they've worked to find their success with math facts and I hope that your students can, too!  If bundles aren't your thing and you need one or the other, the Addition Math Fact Practice Activities and Subtraction Math Fact Practice Activities are both available separately in my store.


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