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Friday, February 27, 2015

That Crazy Dress!

Last night, while on my way home from work, a friend asked me what color a dress was.  I replied "indigo with black lace?"  Her response was gold and white... I didn't understand!  I went about my day, no big deal, and thought little of it.  It was a HUGE deal by morning.  The internet was freaking out about this dress!  I couldn't believe it!  That's when the lightbulb went on in my head....I wanted to ask my students what they thought of this dress.
 During out breakfast/bell work time I went around and asked all of the students (even the few additions in my reading group).  While on my prep, I took time to make a quick sheet that we could use to interpret the data we had collected.  Luckily, most of my kids see what I see, so I know I'm not that crazy!  There are a few that did see the white and gold though.  It was very interesting and a ton of fun for them!
 Want to try it in your class?  Click here to download it!

Monday, February 23, 2015


Hello and welcome to another bitterly cold week of winter!  We had another cold day off today.  It seems that our temps can't get their act together.  Don't get me wrong, this teacher loves a day off, but I also know it comes with a price.  We are definitely behind, but we will do what it takes to get back to where we need to be.

In other exciting news, there's a TPT sale on the way!  Not only will my store be on sale (all of it!), but it's a site wide sale!  These are my favorite.  I also take advantage of it and usually spend more than I should buying lots of resources.  I plan on spending this summer working with my nieces on reading, so this might be the moment to get a few goodies on my wishlist for them.

Until next time, stay warm out there!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Government & Hearts in One Week

WOW!  It was a crazy week!  The week before a winter break, count day, Valentine’s Day, and report card rewards…and I made it.  We survived, despite the subzero temperatures outside, and had a little bit of fun in between.  We are behind schedule due to snow days consuming about a week of time and the previously mentioned hustle and bustle.  We continued our work in social studies and I found that they had a great time with it.  They were engaged and excited about government!  They wanted to provide more examples than I had even anticipated. 
 We created flapbooks based on LAWS and why we need them and what they do.  I'm always surprised at how thoughtful and instinctive my students can be.  Teaching at an inner-city school in Detroit has really been a great experience.  
 All of these lovely goodies are a part of my third unit in my second grade social studies series.  Unit 3 is offered by itself, but it's also bundled in units 1-6!
We made our Branches of Government trees – they were REALLY into this activity!  Also, at a point I scrolled to "square" photos on my iPhone.  I didn't notice at the time.  It's always impressive when they can look at an "executive branch" and not only relate that to being our mayor, but also governor and president!  BONUS: our kids even knew the Detroit mayors governors name!  They all know who President Obama is (phew!).
We also started working on prefixes this week.  We were supposed to get started on that last week, but again, snow slowed us down a bit!  I haven't decided if I'm going to do the prefix/suffix trees that I've done in the past.  I usually fill them with yellow and green leaves.  Green leaves are prefix words and yellow leaves are suffix words.  The idea is that leaves are green in the spring/summer (prefix) and turn yellow in the fall (suffix).  Kind of like a first and last idea.
We also had our Valentine's Day celebration on Friday.  I wasn't sure we were going to have school because the temperatures were so low!  I did have lower attendance (about 1/3 of my class was absent), but we pressed on anyway!  We learned about the history of Valentine's Day, did a Valentine's day sentence sort, and decorated our goodie bags before things were handed out.  I didn't get fancy this year, I just bought little treats I knew they liked - teacher fail!  Most of my goodies were from my Valentine's Day no prep pack.  They enjoyed everything that we worked on and that's always a treat for me!  One MAJOR thing I was thankful for was having perfect attendance on Thursday.  I sent my students home with their Valentine's Day gifts for their parents.  We stuffed goodie bags with framed photos of themselves (photography practice for me!), a personal letter, and a couple sweet treats.
This week, I was the bad student in class.  I was working on my next social studies unit while I was in class.  I know, that's terrible and unacceptable!  I was the student that I don't want my own to be.  It's an undergrad/grad combo class and I always struggle with those.  I've had a few so far, and so much of what we're doing, I've already done before.  Still it doesn't excuse it!  I'm really hoping to get the next unit up soon!  It's hard to squeeze it in, but I love it when I can!
As for my winter break, this Michigander is making her way to the south...Atlanta, here I come!  A ladies trip to visit friends and explore Atlanta/Savannah.  The downside?  The cold is coming with us.  I won't let that slow me down!  It will feel like summer compared to the negative temps that are happening in Detroit this weekend.  Until next time, stay warm out there!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Brand New Day

Can you believe it?  A blog of my very own!  I am still a little shocked that I decided to jump into the deep end of online blogging in the education world.  I haven’t blogged online since the days of LiveJournal!   However, recently I decided that I wanted a place to share my ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and even collaborate with other teachers.  One of the greatest parts of my TPT adventure thus far has been the amazing support I’ve received from teachers all over the Internet!  I vowed to make 2015 the year of change and I am making it happen – even in an organized and beautiful kind of way!
A while back I had someone request that I add a piece of my 2nd grade Social Studies Chart pack.  I placed it on my to-do list over the holidays, but like many of us know, the holidays fly by without a moment to stop and catch your breath!  The last two days have been snow days for us Metro Detroiters, so I took the time to fill the request I received (sorry it took so long!).  To celebrate the launch of my oh-so-pretty blog, I’m offering the chart pack as a flash freebie!   My entire TPT store is on sale through February 4th as well!

In honor of having a brand new blog... I am offering my 2nd Grade Social Studies Chart Pack as a FREEBIE today!!!  It's a flash freebie folks, so you'll want to act fast!